The Sports & Active Nutrition 2021 Digital Summit will run over three consecutive weekdays (12th, 13th & 14th October). Each session will include interactive presentations, panel discussions, audience Q&As and elevator pitches and will last for two hours. The topics include Sports Nutrition 2.0, A state of the Nation, The future of innovation, Opportunities in export, Protecting the gut and Defining Recovery.

Tuesday 12th October 2021

Sports Nutrition 2.0, A state of the Nation | 10am - 12pm CET

Sports Nutrition 2.0. The market just gets bigger, and simultaneously more diverse. The market offers more opportunity, yet simultaneously more risk. As sports nutrition continues to evolve and change – principally moving beyond the core consumer to a much broader active market - we look to understand the key market trends as they’ve developed throughout 2021 and how they may impact the market in the future.

In session one we discuss how the market performing, where is it growing, and where is it declining? Looking at the available market data we look to detail how sports nutrition is changing and what opportunities this offers in the future. This will include key areas for discussion including what is sports nutrition in 2021.

The future of innovation | 2pm - 4pm CET

Innovate or die. All brands, large or small understand that to stay current they must keep innovating. What new approaches to innovation are there, how are specific format and technologies developing, and how can this be achieved at speed.


Wednesday 13th October 2021

Protecting the gut | 10am - 12pm CET

If you are not healthy, you can't perform. Sports nutrition is much more than performance, it is about being ready to perform – to be healthy. It is recognised that there are a range of health attributes that are important to everyday health in addition to the preparation for performance. The gut, or our digestive system, is one of them – and potentially a central governor in more ways than one.

Adjacent opportunities | 2pm - 4pm CET

There is a world beyond Europe for European brands; but in which direction should they look – East or West. We chat to three experts to discuss the opportunities in the US, China and the Middle East


Thursday 14th October 2021

Defining Recovery | 10am - 12pm CET

Recovery was all about protein… once. Now it is recognised to include a much broader holistic proposition than just muscle adaptation. In this session we start with a conceptual overview of recovery from elite sport, followed by a quick-fire roundup of the various options strategies and options that can help recovery.

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